Liquid Sun Rayz Australia

Exclusive Australian distributor for Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Tan & Products.

  • Distinctive dark colour
  • Exceptionally dry formula
  • Unique quick application
  • Endorsed by high-profile world champions
  • Partnered with Generation Iron Network

How is Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Tanning Solution different?

  • The highest quality tanning ingredients are used in Liquid Sun Rayz to produce the darkest tanning colour on the market today.
  • Liquid Sun Rayz competition tanning solution is a distinct rich, dark colour without any green or orange tones, every time.
  • The flawless colour is achievable in only one tanning session providing convenience and time saving for the tanner and the customer.
  • The innovative solution dries exceptionally faster than other tanning products, is not sticky and does not have an unpleasant smell.
  • Minimal rub off and competitive pricing also make Liquid Sun Rayz stand out from the rest.

Liquid Sun Rayz is the only company that trains staff before they are permitted to tan with or purchase Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Tanning Solution in bulk.

  1. Liquid Sun Rayz tans are applied 24hrs prior to show time, this allows the tan to set and develop to its full colour.
  2. Clients are fully dried before leaving their appointment to protect the tan from smudges.
  3. Clients hands, nails and toenails are cleaned of any over spray
  4. On show day - repairs, touch ups and gloss are carried out
  5. If LSR Australia are attending the show we will be backstage for glazing and suit gluing. If not we provide backstage kits that can be purchased from our website.

Our Core Values

  1. The athletes are ALWAYS put first!
  2. We DO NOT tan men and women together.
  3. Our athletes are treated with respect and dignity, their comfort in a vulnerable situation is paramount.
  4. We go above and beyond what the athletes expect by providing exceptional products and customer care.
  5. We offer a tanning experience with exceptional standards that you will not find anywhere else.

We look forward to working with you!